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Volunteer Kev Mitchell

Volunteer Kev Mitchell

By Ian Macleod |  14/11/2013

Name: Kev Mitchell  Age: 51

Volunteer Team: Ochils MRT

How long have you been a volunteer? 20 years

When did you become a volunteer? 1993

How many hours do you dedicate to SMR? Over a year - approx 2000 hours

What do you enjoy about the job?
Being able to assist fellow hillgoers, the camaraderie with fellow team members, developing others. The challenge of locating and rescuing people from difficult locations or situations.

What’s your favourite mountain walk/ climb in Scotland and your area?
Favourite walk Blaven Clach Glas Traverse Isle of Skye, favourite walk in our area Sheriffmuit to Glendevon Ochil Hills

Have you been involved in any interesting rescues you can talk about?
We rescued 3 young lads who became benighted in the Ochils only for them to be ‘interviewed’ by Police about their very illegal vehicle which was in the car park. We rescued two lost hillwalkers by getting them to take a compass bearing down the fenceline they were on, identifying the fence and them talking them down via the fence lines to meet the rescue team. They returned a couple of weeks later with a large donation of tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets for the team!!

How would you sum up the job of a volunteer?
Time consuming but rewarding.

What’s your top piece of safety advice for a walker/ climber?
Take the right gear, know how to use it – especially map and compass- know where you are going, tell someone where you are going, watch the weather for the previous week ( very important in winter) and remember if things are not right you can always come back another day.

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